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SqueezeClean™ - The 360 Degree Floor Mop

SqueezeClean™ - The 360 Degree Floor Mop

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Experience Speedy Cleaning with SqueezeClean!

SqueezeClean™ is not just another floor mop; it's a cleaning revolution. Designed with a wide microfiber head, it effortlessly captures dust, pet hair, and dirt from various floor types.

The unique dewatering scraper ensures you can adjust the mop's moisture level to suit any cleaning task. Its 360° rotating head allows for efficient cleaning under furniture and in tight spots, while the adjustable stainless steel handle ensures comfortable use without the need to bend or squat.

Revolutionize Your Home Cleaning:

✅ Effortless Deep Cleaning: Its wide microfiber head efficiently mops up pet hair, dust, and dirt – making it a top choice for hotels, malls, and homes.

✅ Protect Your Back: With a 54-inch adjustable stainless steel handle, say goodbye to uncomfortable bending and back strain.

✅ Hands-Free Hygiene: The built-in dewatering scraper and toothed comb ensures excess moisture and debris removal without touching the mop pad.

✅ Flexible 360° Cleaning: Navigate effortlessly under furniture and tight spots with a full 360° rotating mop head.

✅ Versatile for All Floor Types: From tiles to wood, and ceilings to baseboards – it's your all-in-one solution for a pristine home.

"This product has been a game-changer for my cleaning routine. Ergonomic design, super absorbent, and glides smoothly on all surfaces. My floors have never looked better. Truly the best mop I've ever owned. Highly recommended!"
Belinda N - Miami, FL


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