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SonoDrum™ Sound Healing Drum

SonoDrum™ Sound Healing Drum

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Bring Peace And Harmony To Your Life

Surround your space with positive vibes and enchanting sounds by playing the SonoDrum. This amazing drum aids you into achieving ultimate relaxation even during the most chaotic of days.

This SonoDrum produces beautiful melodies that both calms and relaxes your senses, making meditating your favorite daily activity. Plus, its multiple tones gives you a wide range of melodies to play with.

Key Benefits

Calming & Relaxing - This drum produces ethereal-like sounds that tap your soul in a unique way. Our amazing SonoDrum helps you purify your mind, soul, and body.

Beautiful Sound - With its unique design, the SonoDrum lets you create beautiful melodies with whatever mixture of tones you choose. It will awaken your chakras and bring you into ultimate relaxation mode.

Easy To Play - Marked with numbers, the SonoDrum lets you play around with different tones. Simply bang the drum stick on your desired number to hear a beautiful and harmonious tone.

Perfect Gift - The SonoDrum is a great gift for health and wellness enthusiasts or any loved one who needs a bit of relaxation. Not only that, but it's a great gift to give to yourself at any time of the year.

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